1. avatar Blind Eye View
    Best Cellars

    Digital video production + 24 track sound craft facilities P A hire and rehearsal

    Tel : 02890 486290

    E-mail : bestcellars@ukgateway.net

    Ballybeen Activity Centre
    BT16 2QE

  2. avatar James Flumox
    Everything on [url="http://www.volvograd.co.uk"]www.volvograd.co.uk[/url] was recorded at Best Cellars by Dave (who is the regular engineer).


    James Edited by: James Flumox at: 9/18/01 4:25:43 pm
  3. avatar exportsimsie
    My first post!
    Whats everyone elses experiances there been like. BBE will probarbly be going there to record tracks for our split 7" mid next month
  4. avatar exportsimsie
    Well, after hearing the Dangefield CD, we've decided to go to Einstein instead. Wee review of einsten on Tuesday!