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    Temptation Studio, Galway


    TEL: +353-91-756266

    E-mail : tron@indigo.ie

    [url="http://indigo.ie/~tron/"]Temptation Studio Website[/url]

    Clients include The Walls, The saw Doctors

    Temptation Studio was originally established in Galway as West One Recording Studio in 1985. It covers 2000 sq. feet encompassing a large control room and 2 recording rooms, both visible from the control room. Pat Neary, who had worked in the studio since 1986, finally took it over in 1992. The studio has gone through several upgrades in the last few years, going from a 16 track analogue to 24 track digital recording studio. In 1997 Pat formed a partnership with John O’Shaughnessy, upgraded the studio further and changed the name to Temptation Recording Studio. The studio now supports many new forms of digital recording and sound processing such as sampling and has extensive MIDI facilities.

    Our main service offered up until recently was selling recording time. The facility caters for 24 track digital recording with a good array of sound processors, reverbs, effects, compressors, gates, exciters etc.. Post production is aided with computers, samplers, hard disk recorders. Complete MIDI and synchronisation (SMPTE and MTC) options are available. We have both digital and analogue high-end tools for mastering and editing.

    Since the end of 1996 we have been offering soundtrack recording and composition for film, TV and broadcasting