1. avatar Alternative Ulster
    Alternative Ulster’s 3rd Birthday Party[/b:6e394030df]

    Three Venues | One Day | The Best Northern Irish Music

    Sunday June 4

    The Limelight / Spring and Airbrake / Katy Daly’s

    Doors: 3pm – 12am

    Tickets: £12

    Tickets available from Katy Daly’s, Ticketmaster, Virgin, Backbeat Records, Phoenix Records, Hectors House, Charlie’s Coffee Shop and the Alternative Ulster Offices.
    On sale: Wednesday 10 May.

    Full Line-Up

    [b:6e394030df]Therapy? / Red Organ Serpent Sound / Fighting With Wire / Oppenheimer / mojoFURY / We Are Knives / V//Formation / LaFaro / Contraband / In Case Of Fire / Clone Quartet / Ego / Panda Kopanda / The Evangelists / Rescue The Astronauts / Fast Emperors / Ed Zealous / Patiosounds / The Subtitles / Sirocco MC’s / Tin Pot Operation / Numinous / Kowalski / Triggerman / Nice N’ Sleezy / The Delawares[/b:6e394030df]
  2. avatar tinpot anto
  3. avatar Daithi jasper
    Oh dear god.. how many messy nights are there in my future?
  4. avatar Ainmhí
    totally agree. we're fully into liver destruction season!
  5. avatar spirit of division
    is there a running order for the bands?
  6. avatar the*optimist
    sweet!! Looks like it will be a very messy night for all spectators and bands alike!
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  7. avatar goodonpaper
    Bugger me blind - spectacular lineup!
  8. avatar Firebobbie Mark
    oh my that's good :)
  9. avatar Ooopsapocalypse
    Afternoon and evening sessions?
    Or from a fixed time onwards?
    Need to know basis only...
  10. avatar Damn Pest
    yeow, that actually is just about worth 12 sobs, count me in, last night out before the world cup, thank god i dont have to look at that ugly bastard rooney for four weeks, holland is going to win by the way but im cheering on the dominion of togo, go on....
  11. avatar twostep
    Its bands straight through from 3 onwards, 15 minute gaps between acts.

    And no, that is not the exact running order of the bands. Something similar though.
  12. avatar Ooopsapocalypse
    Cheers for the info.
  13. avatar Ainmhí
    I salivate at the thought of this :!:
  14. avatar GildernewsArmagh
    That is bloody excellent lineup. Its the same weekend as my bday so i might have to check it out!
  15. avatar clss_act_00
    unbelievable lineup. so badly want to be at this
  16. avatar munchies
    hows the three venues thing working? what bar will the last band be on in?
  17. avatar PhoenixAzul
    Aye, I'm going to be there with many and varried a camera flashing. Yay.

    (ps, always love the design of these here flyer things)
  18. avatar Speed Demon
    No sign of the tickets on [url=http://www.ticketmaster.ie]ticketmaster[/url] yet. Anyone bought one from the shops or bars?

    I do hate ticketmaster though, last time after thinking I'd bought tickets for a gig, I received an e-mail [b:66f36c6f53][i:66f36c6f53]four days[/i:66f36c6f53][/b:66f36c6f53] later saying "sorry, there was a problem with your credit card". So maybe I got a digit wrong, or more likely some spotty back-office clerk got a digit wrong, since it's obviously a manual process if it takes 4 days.

    The gig was sold out by then, of course.
  19. avatar Alternative Ulster
    Tickets are available now at Virgin, Backbeat and Katy Daly's. There is no booking fee with KD's, but Virgin and Backbeat charge £1 and 50p respectively. They will also be available via ticketmaster before the end of the week.
  20. avatar [misterbillz]
    i'm looking forward to this show.... yeoooooo!
  21. avatar Alternative Ulster

  22. avatar Alternative Ulster
    Seems a few people have been having trouble finding the Ticketmaster listing to buy tickets. It's not listed under 'Therapy?' but is listed under 'Alternative Ulsters 3rd Birthday'.

    here is a quick link for ease...

  23. avatar munchies
    [quote:2c7b382524="munchies"]hows the three venues thing working? what bar will the last band be on in?[/quote:2c7b382524]

    im a tit why did i think that auntie annies was being used. looking forward to this.
  24. avatar David McLaughlin
    "Gotta get those Aerosmith tickets man, top priority of the summer"

    Seriously though, how good is this line up?

    June 5 is gonna suck.
  25. avatar Alternative Ulster
    Think this deseves a wee bump for the weekend.
  26. avatar Alternative Ulster
    This will be a great day.

    Factoids never lie.
  27. avatar Speed Demon
    I have my ticket!

    I need the schedules though, so that I can do myself a little printed plan to tell me which venue to go to at which time. Yes, I will literally do that. Sad, isn't it.
  28. avatar icedcoffee
    Thats a great idea and I shall definately be wanting to do it myself!
  29. avatar bazza
    aye, likewise, if I can decide between seeing bands I've seen before and know are good and seeing ones I don't know :)
  30. avatar tinpot anto
    We're on 4.30 in Katy's if that helps anyone :)
  31. avatar GrahamSmith
    Yeo! This is gonna be a long day, what is left of my hearing/liver will be dead by the end of it :)
  32. avatar Gripper Magee
    I'll bring you down a set of ear plugs.
  33. avatar Alternative Ulster
    We'll have lovely programmes with the running order available on the day itself. So you'll have to get down early to make sure you know who is playing where.
  34. avatar icedcoffee
    I think i'm gonna have to get myself some earplugs. Anyone know a good place to purchase a pair?
  35. avatar GrahamSmith
    If you are just looking to "dull" down the sound, you can get cheap foam ones from Boots.

    Gripper - any chance of a liver too? ;)
  36. avatar David McLaughlin
  37. avatar mark lanegan
    this isnt sold out is it?
  38. avatar Alternative Ulster
    Tickets for the gig are still available.

    Best to get them at Katy Daly's or Charlies Coffee Shop, where they have no booking fees applied.
  39. avatar mark lanegan
  40. avatar David McLaughlin
    Check out our review of Therapy? in Glasgow to whet the appetite for Sunday:

  41. avatar Gripper Magee
    Aye but here, You would say that!

  42. avatar David McLaughlin
    whoops, actually, Kiran Acharya would say that. Amendment made!
  43. avatar edwin mcfee
    there's also a lovely 2-page spread on the gig in today's new-look 24/7.

    i can't wait to hear 'Accelerator!'
  44. avatar icedcoffee
    The time is nearly upon us! :twisted:

  45. avatar tom
    christ that was a good day, all the bands i saw were excellent, panda kopanda easily stole the show for me although oppenheimmer weren't too far behind
  46. avatar dombrog
    it was a fantastic day and i agree with tom, panda kopanda were great. one of the best on the day though i thought lafaro were great too, esp the reworked oldie - "dougan loves dick", brilliant!!
  47. avatar Speed Demon
    I'm a physical wreck this morning. Oh, wait a minute, I was a physical wreck yesterday anyway. But yesterday my ears worked.

    An amazing day. See a band. Go out into the sunshine for a breath of air. Go back and see another band. Go next door and see another.

    I did manage to miss a couple of acts that I'd wanted to see, but that was probably unavoidable. Probably my favourite times were in KD's, especially with Kowalski, Tin Pot Operation & Contraband.

    But Therapy? just tore the joint apart. That really was a special performance.
  48. avatar Joeplaysthedrums
    Great stuff.
  49. avatar Daz
    Awesome stuff. Didn't think I'd make it to the end, but I'm glad I did!
  50. avatar Ainmhí
    This was fun, and also my last gig with TPO as I'm taking a sabbatical in Australia due to my antipodean spousal commitments.


    However, the TPO will ride on!

    Slán to you all, friends and foes alike!

    I'll be back...

  51. avatar Ainmhí
    Kowalski were dead good too btw...
  52. avatar ryanego
    crackin wee day.
    in case of fire and mojo fury did it for me
  53. avatar yin pot shayyinyeeyi
    Clone Quartet and ROSS

    oh and...

  54. avatar Crackity_jones
    Lafaro, Panda Kopanda, Oppenheimer and the might Therapy? were all ruddy bloody marvellous. Lafaro nearly blew the Limelight apart!
  55. avatar GrahamSmith
    I agree, LaFaro were the best band of the day, the new songs sounded amazing. A lot of good music yesterday and everything ran smoothly, congrats to all the bands and everyone involved. I will put up some pics soon
  56. avatar Speed Demon
    [quote:daa4558966="yin pot shayyinyeeyi"]Clone Quartet and ROSS

    oh and...


    I'd thought I missed Clone Quartet because they clashed with you. Must have been some other reason, like stupidity.
  57. avatar icedcoffee
    What a day! I had the biggest headache when I got home, though it was well worth it. So many great bands!

    [url=http://gallery.iced-coffee.com/thumbnails.php?album=17][u:aa24b4ae61]PICS ONLINE NOW![/u:aa24b4ae61][/url]

  58. avatar Firebobbie Mark
    excellent day altho the bank machine wouldn't let me get drunk. Highlights - contrband, evangelists, lafaro, triggerman and therapy were fucking amazing!
  59. avatar Speed Demon
    By the way, Contraband and TPO both owe me for plectrums. (Yes, I always have some in me pocketses.)
  60. avatar djchill
    An absolutely brilliant day.

    So many highlights but heres just a hadnful of mine...

    Ed Zealous
    Mojo Fury (obvious choice since i love their style)
    Clone Quartet (excellent)
    Fighting with Wire
    and obviously Therapy?

    Am gutted that i missed La Faro and sorry Sirroco MCs couldnt make it.

    But a great day!
  61. avatar David McLaughlin
    I'm only just beginning to feel like myself again today. That was a punishing day but the most fun thing ever.

    Fighting With Wire were just mighty.
  62. avatar GrahamSmith
    Fighting with wire were indeed mighty, a few shots of them can be found at the below link (loads of other bands coming soon when i have time) -


  63. avatar Box Marked Commie
    Brilliant gig altogether this, although katy's must have topped 40oC for most of the day.
  64. avatar Speed Demon
    My photos are now on line at

    (Again, I make no apology for being an artist rather than a photographer. :wink: )

    (Even if I did have a photographer's pass. :shock: )
  65. avatar BeanoTriggerman
    Taken straight from The Therapy? tour diary by Michael McKeegan.

    Playlist (listened to TONS of stuff on the tour but here's a few faves…)

    TODD-Comes To Your House
    HORACE ANDY-The Prime Of Horace Andy

    [i:bc1535f868][b:bc1535f868]TRIGGERMAN - live in Belfast[/b:bc1535f868][/i:bc1535f868]

    AMPLIFIER/DAS DAVES-new stuff live in Manchester
    PEEPING TOM-Peeping Tom(fucking packaging rules)
    GNARLES BARKLEY-Gone Daddy Gone (killer Violent Femmes cover)
    BIFFY CLYRO-Buddy Holly (killer Weezer cover)
    RODRIGEZ yGABRIELLA-Orion (killer Metallica cover)
    DARK ANGEL-Darkness Descends (Hoglan rules on those traps)
    BROKEN FAMILY BAND-Andy turned me onto this lot
    THAT FUCKING TANK-? (Cheers Chris)

    Great to know they took the time to listen & enjoy!
  66. avatar The Ronster
    [quote:3d78800f82]PEEPING TOM-Peeping Tom( packaging rules) [/quote:3d78800f82]

    Packaging is cool, but [b:3d78800f82]Placebo [/b:3d78800f82]did the exact same thing first, I think with [i:3d78800f82]Black Market Music[/i:3d78800f82].