1. avatar RM
    [size=24:0b473f2574][b:0b473f2574]RADAR[/b:0b473f2574] [/size:0b473f2574]presents

    [size=24:0b473f2574]Red Organ Serpent Sound[/size:0b473f2574]
    [size=18:0b473f2574]The Delawares[/size:0b473f2574]
    [size=18:0b473f2574]Ed Zealous
    The Dregs[/size:0b473f2574]
    [size=18:0b473f2574]+ DJ Dee McAdams[/size:0b473f2574]

    [size=9:0b473f2574]Mandela Hall[/size:0b473f2574]
    [size=24:0b473f2574]Friends of Jesus Sound System DJs[/size:0b473f2574]

    [size=9:0b473f2574]Bunatee Bar[/size:0b473f2574]
    [size=24:0b473f2574]Ski Bunny DJs[/size:0b473f2574]
    [size=18:0b473f2574]+ Resident DJs Aidan & Ross[/size:0b473f2574]

    [size=18:0b473f2574]Thursday 11th May[/size:0b473f2574]
    [size=18:0b473f2574]Queens Student Union[/size:0b473f2574]
    [size=18:0b473f2574]Doors 8pm
    Admission FREE B4 10pm, £3 after[/size:0b473f2574]
    [size=18:0b473f2574][b:0b473f2574]ALL DRINKS £1.50 - ALL NIGHT !![/b:0b473f2574][/size:0b473f2574]

    [size=18:0b473f2574][b:0b473f2574]Everyone Welcome ![/b:0b473f2574][/size:0b473f2574]
  2. avatar robbo
    absolute cracker of a night, indeed!

    'first come first served' basis applies on the night.
    No tickets in advance.
  3. avatar RM
    First band on at 9.30pm, FREE admission before 10pm !
  4. avatar Mick-e
    Anyone get see Red Organ suport snow patrol last night? How did it go?

    Only caught on or two songs, as I was working. Sounded and looked really good from what I did see though...
  5. avatar RM
  6. avatar xfirefishx
    Stage times for this?
  7. avatar palrub
    southern comfort - £1.50?
  8. avatar xfirefishx
  9. avatar palrub

    i also with the want of stage times.
  10. avatar Tanya Skibunny
    Really looking forward to this tonight.
    And Skibunny DJs will be in the Bunatee, come say hi.
  11. avatar savoy truffle
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    Paul and Ringo take it on the chin and live to fight another day.

  12. avatar RM
    Doors 8pm
    First band on 9.30pm
    Fre Adm b4 10pm
    All drinks £1.50 - All night
    Lovely !
  13. avatar icedcoffee
    Looking forward to it!
  14. avatar the er
    this is gonna be friggin awesome
  15. avatar icedcoffee
    What a night - my ears are still ringin'!
  16. avatar Seamusmaguidhir
    Gee whizz, what japes! Really enjoyed The Dregs and The Delawares, two great band on top of their games knocking out tip-top tunes. I didn't catch musch of Ed Zealous or any of Red Organ Serpent Sound though.

    I just wish I could ignore pints of stella at £1.50.
  17. avatar AngelaMOK
    I hadn't seen either Ed Zealous or Red ORgan Serpent Sound before but I was very impressed, The Dregs and The Delawares were fantastic as usual, I think the Delawares playing SilverSun made our little dancing crew's night!
    But £1.50 drinks are a bad idea
  18. avatar the dregs jonny
    And free pint tickets for the bands is an even worse idea.....
  19. avatar Mick-e
    Red organ serpent sound put on the best gig I have seen this year. Absolutely brilliant show, both sound wise and visually. They've really raised the bar for local bands. What a crowd response too. Best radar night yet. Lethal.
  20. avatar the er
    yeah ROSS were good and all, but i still prefered them back in the day. when i used to be petrified to stand anywhere near the front
  21. avatar icedcoffee
    Yeah, standing right at the stage was not a good idea.

    [b:ad3106e56e][u:ad3106e56e][url=http://gallery.iced-coffee.com/thumbnails.php?album=7]Click here for some pics from the night[/url][/b:ad3106e56e][/u:ad3106e56e]
  22. avatar the dregs jonny
    Some cracker shots there iced coffee, nice one. Eamo Delawares looking rock-tastic and Elaine doing Sandie Shaw - quality !

    Thon singer from ROSS is a maniac ! Rocking the bank-robber chic !