1. avatar Numbnut Sounds
    Just surfin about looking some info on Valve Heads or Combos i came across this....

    Might answer some of those simple questions we dont always like to ask....

  2. avatar rahamilton
    That's just great Numbnut. A really sensible page, with sensible opinions for once. It sorts out a lot of half truths about amps in a easy to understand, and difficult to argue with way.

  3. avatar Melfaso
    Good old article if a little simplified.

    I thought though that tube amps add odd order harmonics(the opposite to even order which is static) to your sound that make it sound richer or somesuch does anyone know if this is the case?
  4. avatar rahamilton
    Actually, it's my belief that valve amps tend to emphasise even order harmonics, which tend to make them sound smoother. One of the goals of second generation solid state amps during the seventies and eighties, was to try and minimise their more predominant odd order harmonics.

    However, on a slightly different tack, and to introduce a note of controversy... maybe we just prefer the sound of amps and guitars which were about when we first got into music, or are the amps used for the sort of music we like?? I grew up listening to Thin Lizzy, Bad Company, Stevie Ray Vaughan and AC/DC. So, I like [u:cea4d1aaea]valve[/u:cea4d1aaea] amps that are driving the output valves, not just overloading the pre-amp, without getting that power valve saturation. Overdriving the pre-amp only tends to produce a slightly buzzy, over compressed, characterless distortion, without much in the way of touch sensitivity - a bit like using a Fuzz Box. If you get the power valves saturating, the amp feels like an extension of your guitar, and responds to picking pressure, and touch - you'll know it when you get it, and you won't want it to go away! Solid state amps just aren't very good at that bit, though they can sound almost like a valve amp running just the pre-amp distortion, and many actually sound very good with a fairly clean sound.

  5. avatar Speed Demon
    Mathematically, a "pure" square wave can be assembled from an infinite series of [i:a7cab4cafd]odd[/i:a7cab4cafd] harmonics, which would support what Tony says - the more square a waveform is, the harsher and fuzzier it sounds.

    I'm not sure about the other argument though. I think power valve saturation actually is more "musical", not just a matter of preference or habit.
  6. avatar Melfaso
    No, it probably is as tony said, just couldnt remember which it was off the top of my head.
    My actual point was that the old valves add those to the sound to make it that bit nicer than solid state.
    The only thing about them is the maintainance of the buggers.
    Id prob go for a good solid state as you can leave it at your arse (within reason) and pick it up whenever you need it and it'll work fine.
    Plus high end amps tend to be hybrid to some degree a lot of the time now closing the gap that little bit anyway.
  7. avatar JFA
    My first post!
    can you use any amp as a head with a speaker cabinet then?
  8. avatar Numbnut Sounds
    If it has a SPEAKER out...yes.

    I had Tony Hamilton add a speaker out to my Fender Combi.....it drives my cab....
  9. avatar rahamilton
    Just to clarify - please ensure that the (Total) speakers and amplifier are matched impedance wise. 8 Ohm amp to 8 Ohm speakers etc. Some combos have a speaker "Extension" socket, which keeps the internal speaker connected as well - so factor this into the calculations. If it has an "Alternative" only socket, where the internal speaker is muted, just take the cabinet impedance into consideration. Definitely don't have the total speaker impedance lower than the amp, or the amplifier may be damaged. Speaker imp. higher than the amp is OK ish, as, although you will lose some volume, it won't actually damage the amp in the short term.

    Also make sure you are always facing East, and don't play "Smoke on the Water"...

    Except on a Tuesday obviously...

  10. avatar Numbnut Sounds
    especially whilst changing nappies....eh Tony?
  11. avatar JFA
    cool, thanks for the advice guys
  12. avatar rahamilton
    Yes Numbnut - sorry, forgot that little technicality...