1. avatar tinpot anto

    Tin Pot Operation
    Muinzer Black

    This here Friday in the Duke of York, Belfast.

    Come and see.

    It might cost you money, it will begin in the late evening.
    (yes I have no specific info :roll: )
  2. avatar thesneakybandit
    doors at 8.00pm

    £4 in!


    i'm working on the door so come and say hello!
  3. avatar Speed Demon
    "a pair of the most exciting bands on the island"

    Must be that traffic island on Bradbury Place.

    Anyway, this is indeed the ghost of Muinzer Black, back from the dead to play one final, [u:f483f728d0]final[/u:f483f728d0] gig. Yes, we've split up, but who could resist a gig with the amazing Tin Pot Operation?

  4. avatar Ainmhí
    Adelante Amigos y Amigas!


    Get the anti-fascist rock inde ye!
  5. avatar savoy truffle
    I don't know man. I thought Muinzer Black split up just when it was the right time.
    I don't want them to spoil my happy memories. It's not like they need the money. :(
  6. avatar the dregs jonny
    Are Muinzer Black the new comeback kings, a la Gary Glitter ? :-D
  7. avatar Speed Demon
    Think of it as being more like Cream doing the Albert Hall last year. Letting the kids know what it was like in the old days.
  8. avatar Speed Demon
    I believe this gig is part of COMBO's ongoing scheme to get funds to put up a memorial to people from our area who fought in the Spanish civil war. Our vocalist's wife is from Galicia, and I found it interesting that she says the people are still very bitter about how the Fascists under Franco tried to suppress their language and culture.

    More proof that it's relevant today is the story that UN officials covered up the copy of Picasso's "Guernica" when Colin Powell was visiting to speak in favour of invading Iraq. Well, it wouldn't do to offend the Fascists, would it?

    I'm actually looking forward to hearing the Tin Pot Operation even more than playing this gig myself. They're definitely one of the best local bands around.

    For me, the key difference between TPO and many other local bands is the songwriting.

    So many bands I've heard recently seem to think that a song is "play a cool riff for three minutes and then stop".

    But even though they've chosen a quite basic "punk/pop" format, TPO's songs "do stuff" - instrumental breaks, changes of direction, quirky drum beats, the two guitars playing off each other, etc. And I'm a big fan of Shaz's bass playing -- she is just fecking amazing.
  9. avatar Chi-Lite
    nah, here, the drum beats were only quirky when I was doing them....

  10. avatar tinpot anto
    Thanks very much for that Steve - It's always nice when people notice! :D
  11. avatar Ratoot
    "Quirky" is nat the word for it!

    Aye I'm lookin forward to this.

    It'll at least be another attempt at convincing people of our "songcraft".

    Or is it "Songkraft".

    Bigí linn!
  12. avatar Speed Demon
    Tonight, Tonight!
  13. avatar Ainmhí
    [quote:ea6a850ce2="Chi-Lite"]nah, here, the drum beats were only quirky when I was doing them....


    Your beats'll be even quirkier with your arm rammed up yer jacksy Marty!


    Does 'quirky' mean 'out of time'?


    In all fairness, I think we both know who's the better drummer, as does everyone else. I concede defeat.

  14. avatar Ainmhí
    [size=24:90a91f8cf4][/size:90a91f8cf4]I'd bate ye in a fight tho!

  15. avatar Ainmhí
    Jesus how many useless inane posts does it take from me to bump this up to the top!?!


    TPO & Muinzer Black the night - get it in ye!
  16. avatar Ainmhí
    Success :!:
  17. avatar Speed Demon
    [quote:e217ad2bcb="Ainmhí"]Success :!:[/quote:e217ad2bcb]

    The best word for last night. We all had a great time. Many thanks to [url=http://www.fastfude.org/forums/profile.php?mode=viewprofile&u=324]chrisjedijane[/url] for manning the sound desk - I thoroughly recommend Chris if you're short of a soundman - sound was very good all night. Though I did insist in sitting up front to hear TPO very loud and I think that's the cause of my headache this morning. Others present will have headaches for a different reason.

    I thought my chance had come at last to play bass for TPO when there were calls for an encore after Shaz had disappeared [b:e217ad2bcb]urgently[/b:e217ad2bcb] for the ladies room. But I didn't have the nerve to offer.

    Oh, and apologies on behalf of Muinzer Black for the drum kit incident. That man Muinzer is a dangerous maniac and should be locked up. Though he was having something of a traumatic evening, I believe. Love, eh? :wink:
  18. avatar yin pot shayyinyeeyi
    [quote:32651b9a00]I thought my chance had come at last to play bass for TPO when there were calls for an encore after Shaz had disappeared urgently for the ladies room. But I didn't have the nerve to offer.[/quote:32651b9a00]
    shit sorry, That's the first I heard of that, if that if ever happens again tell the guys to trail me off the toilet and just watch their shoes but if that's not possible go for it steve.

    Was a mite blocked last night and this morning/afternoon, good craic, really enjoyed the Duke of York, think it will be my last time playing so pissed for a while though, either that or i'm going to have to get better at it, it's just not fair on the poor bastards that have to listen to me.

    Next week : BYO guitar classes @ Sharon's Gaff
  19. avatar chrisjedijane
    this was a great night, I was undergoing the worst hangover of my life (tm) but a swift pint of guinness sorted me out.

    Muinzer black were great, this was a fitting last gig for them (or is it? who knows?). The songs were filled with a great sense of urgency, and Thom was a maniac as usual....

    TPO - what can I say? They played a fast and furious set that was challenging both musically and lyrically. Their lyrics come across really clearly, and their music hops between different styles without ever appearing derivative.

    This was a great night all around :)
  20. avatar Speed Demon
    [quote:35fb2ab033="yin pot shayyinyeeyi"]it will be my last time playing so pissed for a while though[/quote:35fb2ab033]

    Yes, I noticed a few fluffs, but nothing major. I can't play at all with any amount of alcohol in the system.

    The rest of the band was a bit scrappy for the first song too, but it all came together after that.
  21. avatar thesneakybandit
    how some of yous managed to play in that state i'll never know but it was a great night's craic. great sets from both bands... hopefully muinzer black will have another 'last ever' gig becuase they're well worth checking out live.

    i'm glad we eventually managed to round up a bit of a crowd for you guys!