1. avatar Rosshunter
    Went to buy tickets for this yesterday and was told they are sold out. Just wondering if anyone is selling their tickets?

    Let me know!

  2. avatar Scrooey McTavish
    I have 2 here. £25 for the pair. My special lady friend had to pull out as she has to be up at the skrake the next day to go to Portugal for work!! Nice work if you can get it. I couldn't be assed looking for another lonely bastard to go with. PM me your number and I'll meet you for some shady dealings.
  3. avatar Rosshunter
    Haha i'll take them! Check your pms!
  4. avatar mark lanegan
    anyone else got two of these going id be happy to take them of their hands
  5. avatar EPK
    And me....I'm looking two..or one even.....
  6. avatar EPK
    And there's a queue now.....