1. avatar ammaco
    My first post!
    All in excellent condition, very well looked after:

    14" A Custom Projection Hi-Hats - £190

    19" Z Custom Rock Crash - £120

    21" Avedis Sweet Ride £ 140

    Zildjian Hardcase Cymbal Safe: £40

    Will sell together or seprately, you can text me on 07845030233, cheers
  2. avatar Benny_Civilian
    Are these new or used cymbals.
  3. avatar Captain Yesterday
    'very well looked after' means they are used.
  4. avatar Benny_Civilian
    wasnt sure considering you could get these cymbals new for the same price.
  5. avatar ammaco
    you cant get them new for the same price. They might as well be new, they still have the barcode labels on them. Excellent condition and have had very little use
  6. avatar Benny_Civilian
    ive got a custom mastersound hihats, and i got them for 190.
  7. avatar ammaco
    well nearest offer then. These are basically brand new to be honest. Are you interested in buyin at all?
  8. avatar Benny_Civilian
    im after a ride at the minute, i have all a customs apart from the ride so i kind of want an a custom, im not sure i need to think about it.
  9. avatar munchies
    if you've got the z custom crash by the end of the month i'll take it off your hands
  10. avatar ammaco
    no bother guys, sure let me know. They might be going up on ebay in the next day or two so be quick

    Benny: i had an a custom ride and changed to the avedis sweet ride, really nice tone off it
  11. avatar spanielwoof
    I'm interested in the cymbal case, are you around this weekend?
  12. avatar spanielwoof
    Did you get my text?
  13. avatar ammaco
    bump it up tae feck
  14. avatar ammaco
    spanielwoof could you text me your number again, deleted the text by mistake, then ill send u photos of this
  15. avatar spanielwoof
    Send photos to drumspaniel@yahoo.com
  16. avatar ammaco
  17. avatar ammaco
    best offers on all of these