1. avatar aaronrossi

    Just putting it out here first.

    I have a presonus fire studio project - This has been largely unused for the last while and probably will just be gathering dust - 180
    Comes with a couple of different types of firewire cables
    This was a great bit of kit - I just don't get a chance to do anything with it these days!

    I also have a MacBook Pro circa 2012.

    It has a decent processor and 4Gb of RAM - I recently installed a Samsung 256 drive into it and it is flying - 400
    This is one of the last ones that I believe that you can upgrade and it still has a bit of room to upgrade if needed although the SSD made a massive difference!
    I only ever get to use this for a wee bit of DJing these days and it is just sitting doing nothing as I have a MacBook Air I use for day to day stuff.

    Any questions or anything you want to know just give me a bell on 07825 648348 or email on aaronrossi@gmail.com