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    SONI Presents....

    The Yearly Xmas Party in Lisburn!

    PHILIP MCCARROLL (Pay*ola Frontman Solo Acoustic)

    Hague's Bar, Lisburn (Chapel Hill)
    Tuesday 20th December 2016
    Doors 8.30pm, admission 5

    And here we have the last SONI show of 2016 - our yearly Xmas party in Lisburn - at Hague's Bar - we now run gigs less regularly there, and this one promises to be a classic -

    DIVIDES UNFOLD - big, powerful Rock from this Lisburn/Italian outfit, like a mix of Soundgarden & Alice in Chains....

    ST.HELLFIRE - Full on, no bullshit Rock and Roll played fast and with abandon....loads of fun...

    DUNCAN CAMPBELL - Lisburn's own, a hugely engaging songwriter & performer (with a brilliant Xmas song in his armoury!). Will be joined by record breaker Ali Brown & Neal Connor

    PHILIP MCCARROLL (ie me - playing solo & Pay*ola tunes and giving it stacks)

    ETHAN HANNA - Lisburn troubadour kicks the night off with his own unique tunes....

    Doors 8.30pm, admission a fiver, special drinks promos all night!
    The crowd & atmosphere at the SONI "last Thursday night" gig in Hague's was excellent - let's keep supporting live music in the city