1. avatar Chalkus
    Clearing out some stuff....

    Rivera Clubster 45w boutique portable combo with superb plexi plus Fender channels, 'Guitarist Gold Choice', 495
    Blackstar Series One 50w head four gainstages, footswitch, midi, FX loop, built in attenuator 50-5w
    Marshall JVM 205c combo, superb do-it-all Marshall amp, six famous Marshall all valve gain stages, footswitch, midi, fx loops. All amps in A1 condition.

    TC Hot-Rod Plexi twin gain stage pedal, Sound on Sound gold choice, BNIB 145;
    Lovepedal Pickledrive Unibibe ( as used by SimonMcBride);
    Boss ST 2 Power Stack 78; Boss tuner TU 2 40;
    VoodLab Sparkle Drive overdrive 75; MXR Dyna Comp compressor;
    Dunlop MXR Power Brick power supply as new in box 78;
    Shadow SH Stompin' Bass 59
    Line 6 M5 BNIB 135

    Mackie Onyx 1220i Firewire Mixer as new in box, easy Firewire control and mixing, used twice for a project only, 425 bargain.

    All in good condition and clean. Email sensible offers to alexsg5@btinternet.com.