1. avatar SONI Live
    SONI presents.....

    - Belfast/Lisburn rockers - recently relaunched with a new singer & sound...and playing better than ever - a gutsy modern rock outfit. This will be their last NI show of the year!

    - Full force rock'n'roll - breakneck riffage and powerful tunes, always an in-yer-face live experience....

    - Lisburn's own troubadour, of such bands as Whanau, Shudd & Deadlights.....a unique and atmospheric collection of songs...

    & Guests

    Hague's Bar, Lisburn (Chapel Hill)
    Thursday 27th November 2014
    Doors 8.30pm, admission 4.50

    Plus drinks promos all night!

    SONI in Lisburn on the last Thursday of each month (though our Xmas show will be on Saturday 20th December!)

    Always a great atmosphere at Lisburn's longest running gig night - thanks for your continued support. We are always on the lookout for new Lisburn area based bands & acts - contact us on Facebook about slots!