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    We are hoping to get our music out there and get a wider audience, get a few more gigs on the go, etc, so thought we would email yourselves across our track hoping that if you have anything coming up that you might need a slot filled we would love to play. Or if you could point us in the right direction that would be great.

    Thanks very much for taking time to read our email and hope that you like our songs.


    What's Wrong Barry?

    "The fact that this grinding metal sound can come from the human diaphragm is a fete in itself. Thrash metal guitar and drum summon these demon notes from ether to full-fledged scream-o metal magic. Problem 1 is relentless in this zeal, never letting up for the entire title track.

    God Bless Declan & All Who Sail on Him continues this war cry approach to lyric and pedal-to-the-metal speed guitar. Still Alive and Trigger cool it down just long enough to catch your breath. Metallic growls intermingle nicely with more traditional metal vocals.

    Problem 1 is a rollercoaster thrill ride travelling at light speed. I suggest turning your volume levels up slowly, or you might hurt yourself. Don’t worry, it won’t be long before you’ve got it cranked up to 11." Noelle Ellis, GiggingNI.com

    "Once again noise was at the top the menu as What’s Wrong Barry? made their presence known with a ferocious racket of wretched vocals and pounding double kicks. Their Nirvana cover was so aggressively heavy, it made the original sound like it came from Katy Perry’s locker of cotton candy pop." BBC ATL Reviews

    "Combining vocals more akin to the post hardcore styles, with a thrashing punk/new-wave fast paced feel, What's Wrong Barry? have created a fantastic stand alone sound. Aggressive and shouty, definitely music for after a bad day at the office, when a mates ragged you off or when the missus has cheated. This is the punch to their face you wanted. What's Wrong Barry? we expect all of the above and then some." XRP Radio