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    Hey all,

    Outland Studios is still offering one of the cheapest recording, mixing and mastering services in a studio which has been built from the ground up as a recording facility, with acoustics and recording in mind from its architectural design, to its in-house professional recording equipment.

    It's always been a main goal to offer people excellent quality at highly reasonable prices, and I believe that now your money goes further than ever with Outland Studios. Despite improvements making it perhaps twice the studio it was when it opened - I am still retaining the low-rates offer to keep this momentum up and in turn keeping the studio doors open for all who wish to use it.

    Furthermore, unlike many studios, I like to dedicate 100% of the time the client is booked into the studio for recording/tracking - giving you more time with less pressure. Following a bands time in the studio, I like to spend at the very least a full day mixing and mastering their work myself, free of charge. The mixed and mastered tracks are then emailed to clients who are then free to request as many amendments or adjustments as they'd like before the master disc is pressed. This assures the process has not been rushed, and everyone is happy with the end result on every playback device. Everyone's work in the studio is backed up and stored to studio hard drives for at least 1 year.

    I thank you all for your support since opening, its been highly appreciated - I hope the new and improved Outland Studios continues to bring more artists and musicians through the doors throughout the year. I feel that now our low rates bring you better quality recordings than ever.

    Have a look, have a listen, and get in touch.


    Email Enquiries: outlandstudios@gmail.com

    www.outlandstudios.co.uk (also a newer version of website coming within next few days)


    ****RATES: 100 per day**** Mixing and mastering included. (Single, 1-day only, all inclusive booking is 150).


    Apple Mac Pro Desktop Workstation (2.7Ghz Quad-Core, 16GB RAM, 2x 1TB Drives, Dual 22inch HD-Displays)
    Universal Audio UAD-2 Dual Core Card Processors (running high end, dedicated audio software)
    Mackie 16 Channel Onyx Desk
    DAV BG-1 Decca Heritage Preamps x 2
    GAP PRE-73 Neve based Preamp
    TL Audio Outboard Dual Tube Compressor & Gates
    TC Electronic G-Major Guitar Effects Rack
    KRK Monitors
    Midisport Midi Interfaces
    M-Audio Oxygen 49 MIDI Keyboard
    MIDIStart Keyboard
    3x Four Way Headphone amplifiers with individual user volume controls
    6x AKG Studio Headphones


    Logic Pro 9 Studio (including full range of latest VST instruments)
    Full SLATE-Digital Software suite of plugins (FX-G, VCC, Slate Tape Machines etc)
    UAD-2 Dual Core Cards running studio classics i.e 1176 Limiter, LA2A Compressor, Pultec Pro EQ etc
    Many leading industry standard plugins by Waves etc
    Reason 4, Ableton Live etc
    Final Cut Pro X


    SM7B Studio Vocal Microphone
    Oktava MK012 x2 Matched Pair Small Diaphragm Condensers
    Vintage 1970's Sennheiser MD421
    Sennheiser E906
    Audix D6 Kick/Bass Amp Mic
    Audix D2 & D4 Percussion Mics
    Shure SM57 x3
    Shure SM58 x2


    Tama Superstar Custom EFX (22 x 18 Bass Drum, 12 x 9 Tom, 13 x 10 Tom, 16 x 16 Floor Tom)
    Tama Superstar Snare
    Pearl Custom Snare
    Orange Dual Terror - Full Harma Re-Valve Class-A Head
    Fender Deluxe 112 Combo
    Marshall VS100R Combo
    Marshall MF400 4x12 Half Stack Speaker Cab
    Marshal 1x12 Celestion Classic Lead 80 Speaker Cab
    Ibanez Customised JS100 Satriani Sig (Dimebag Bridge pickup + Dimarzio Jazz neck pickup)
    Epiphone SG Standard
    Squire Standard Stratocaster
    Ovation Elite Series 1778T Acoustic
    Predencio Saez imported Spanish Acoustic

    FX Pedals: Electro Harmonix Nano Verb, Jim Dunlop Cry Baby, Custom Audio Electronics 404 Dual Wah, Boss DD-3 Delay, DOD Flanger, Keeley Compressor, TC Polytuner, Red Witch Medusa Chorus

    ****STUDIO ROOMS****

    All rooms have had stringent acoustic treatment and testing to ensure optimum conditions for recording. These include carefully selected and positioned acoustic tiles and bass traps of varying densities and dimensions. Each room has a carefully worked out patching system comprised of top quality shielded cabling and breakboxes with Neutrik connections on all ends. This allows multiple headphone mixes to be ran to each room. It also allows guitar amps to be patched directly to speaker cabs in any room allowing full user control and versatility while recording. The studio layout has been meticulously planned so that visual communication is also possible between all rooms.

    When not recording there are full kitchen and W/C facilities as well as a lounge area which includes free WiFi, XBOX 360, Freeview and Widescreen TV.

    Main Live Room (A)
    Vocal Booth / Live Room (B)
    Control Room
    Lounge / Kitchen

    ****MUSIC VIDEOS:****

    An example of some music videos for recordings done here at Outland Studios. Some of which where also video recorded by myself here at Outland Studios too.



    This is a number of the some newer audio examples coming out of the studio. I would like to state that although these are newer sounds, there has been yet more updates to the studio even since these were recorded too - so in a future post I'll give examples of those to show just how good current recordings can be now.



    With the major updates in audio software and hardware, the studio has gained an increasing amount of work for remixing and mastering. More so than ever, there is the capability to drastically improve upon your pre-recorded sounds and tracks. Here is an A/B comparison of some of the work that was sent to us, before mixing and/or mastering and after.



    These pictures hopefully visually demonstrate the changes in the studio since doors opened. There has been major acoustic treatment improvements as well as the numerous software and hardware updates.

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    Haven't been here in about 6 months or so - thankfully the studio has been very busy.

    Just thought I'd bump this post up to keep new bands and artists aware of the recording studio and all its services.

    outlandstudios@gmail.com for all bookings and enquiries.

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    New Year Bumpage.

    Thanks to all the artists who kept the studio going right through 2014. Here's to another busy year!
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    Standard Bump.
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    Where's the studio located?
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    It's located in Co.Tyrone, about 10 miles to the Belfast side of Omagh. Roughly a 1 hr drive from Belfast.
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    Still some ongoing offers for anyone interested in studio time. Contact outlandstudios@gmail.com if interested.