1. avatar SONI Live
    [b:a45608f594]SO:NI[/b:a45608f594] Presents...

    [b:a45608f594]The Annual Festival Reunion Party![/b:a45608f594]

    - A melting pot of influences...mixing rock, blues, funk, soul & pop into a heady brew - played a stormer on the Campfire Stage at Sunflowerfest

    [b:a45608f594]THE UNPROTECTED[/b:a45608f594]
    - Flamboyant, outrageous and spectacularly fun rock'n'roll band who get in your face and stay there - they slayed The Barn at Sunflowerfest

    [b:a45608f594]THE FAULT[/b:a45608f594]
    - Brand new Lisburn rock 3-piece play their first ever show!

    [b:a45608f594]BAZ MITCHELL[/b:a45608f594]
    - Lisburn troubadour - formerly the frontman of PalMal, now based in Liverpool plays a rare hometown acoustic show!

    Hague's Bar, Lisburn (Chapel Hill)
    Thursday 29th August 2013
    Doors 8.30pm, admission 4.50

    Plus loads of drinks promos including 2.50 bottled beers & alcopos and cocktail offers...