1. avatar jbomber10k
    looking to put a band together, for the fun of itů. i play guitar, if you want to get together for a jam email me at jbomber10k@hotmail.co.uk. not going to bother listing influences, just search google for "sound cloud jbomber" for demos. not exactly looking to take over the world, just want to play for the love of music, and hopefully to create something cool. looking for a drummer first ideally.
  2. avatar jbomber10k
    I should probably specify that I live in belfast. Im 26 if thats important also?...
  3. avatar jbomber10k
  4. avatar Rubbersoul
    My band are looking for a guitarist - check the website for influences, music etc.

  5. avatar jbomber10k
    not really my taste in music but thanks anyway! :)
  6. avatar Rubbersoul
    No worries - thanks for looking
  7. avatar jbomber10k