1. avatar MajorLabelDebut
    Having a bit of a clearout and sadly the tele just isn't being used enough, it is a 2004 Fender Lite Ash Tele (made in Korea).

    Some more info here http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/reviews/electric_guitars/fender/lite_ash_telecaster/index.html

    Also some pics:

    Also have a boxed Dunlop crybaby wah available.

    Tele - 340
    Wah - 30

    Cheers for looking, drop me a pm if you're interested - cash only, no trades.

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  2. avatar GerVonH
    Have one of these myself (strat version), pretty sweet guitars - the body feels light and the SD AlnicPro pickups noiseless and clean sounding. £340 is right value wise. ps your pics aren't loading me thinks...
  3. avatar MajorLabelDebut
    Cheers mate, pics should be showing up now.
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  6. avatar Rubbersoul
    Good luck with the sale - I've one of these myself and it's one of the nicest Teles I've ever played. Far better than the MIMs.
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