1. avatar lostmyshape

    [b:22d735bc66]M-AUDIO PROKEYS 88 SX ([b]170 ono
    [/b](w/ Stand, Pedal, Power Supply, USB Cable)

    According to the official description, "the ProKeys 88sx can function as a stand-alone digital piano, or a MIDI controller if used in conjunction with your computer or sound module." Built in sounds include 2 piano sounds, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Clav, FM Piano and Organ. Chorus and Reverb effects. Modulation and Pitch wheels. Semi-weighted keys. MIDI capabilities. Full manual outlining all features can be found by googling the product name.

    This is in perfect working order. Fine condition. Never been gigged, barely used if I'm honest! The sustain pedal is a bit temperamental, but can be replaced for around 5 on ebay if necessary. Complete with heavy duty stand.

    email ricvdb@gmail.com for more info. Collection from Belfast






  2. avatar CrissHall
    Interested in any trades?
  3. avatar Waniel
    Assume you've sold it by now?