1. avatar unleashedjohn
    Couple of questions/thoughts from you?

    Just looking to guage some opinions on having your music available on iTunes and Spotify, always thought would need to get on those platforms to increase potential sales coverage, but Bandcamp has been working well for us, with the decent fees of 10% to Bandcamp and then around another 5% to Paypal.

    Always wondered about pricing, an unsigned band can't charge silly prices. We seem to be doing okay with a 2 cost for the latest Ep, 1 for the previous and the debut is now free (all 5 tracks each). The site allows overpaying and many do, which is really appreciated that they go that bit extra for us.

    Have many signed up for royalty collection? Do you need to do it as individuals or can a band simply sign up and if any payments are due, they go to a central band account? Are fees annual or life-time if anyone knows?

    Just unsure if it's worth it all, but gaining decent airplay via rock internet radio stations and frequent enough airplay on Citybeat and a few other FM stations, is there only pence in that?
  2. avatar MSB Mastering
    You want Ger and co. on your side.



    I'll let him know about this thread.
  3. avatar unleashedjohn
    Bump for Ger and Co.