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    Coming up fast on a year since opening Revolver @Westlink enterprise park and it has been a tough enough ride with ups and downs throughout the way.
    I'd like to say hello to Vic from Audio ill/Earth Music who has been there for years now recording and running a great practice space and still going strong, especially with the amount of rehearsal spaces popping up and falling away left right and centre @Westlink and other places about Belfast.
    There is certain buzz about the scene atm( I think anyway)
    **Updates on revolver. Now, the Practice space is sounding even better to rehearse in - Running two seperate PA's......

    PA system 1.)
    Running two JBL speakers mounted on stands in the other two corners of the L shaped space.
    This Pa controls everything else (including overall volume for PA system 2)
    So... This Pa controls vocals,vocal FX, Acoustic guitar, Keyboards etc.

    PA system 2.)
    With the drums mic'd up, this PA controls monitoring both Vocals and other instruments but also controls the volume of the drums.
    This give an all over sound of the drums coming through the rear speakers but also allows the drummer to clearly hear the vocals and other instruments. The bass drum has a nice even thud and the other mics pick up a nice overall sound from the drum stage.

    Together the two Pa's at the right volume give a super, full and complete sound better than alot of venues in fact.
    Revolver is acoustically 'Treated' so the sound is not echoey with waves bouncing all over the place.
    Bass traps in the corners of the room capture and snuff away the bass frequencies couple with foam treatment placed around the rest of the room.

    -------------We are looking for 2 bands to take on regular weekly slots------------

    CONTACT CRAIG - 07597568887

    *****Here is a little excerpt from an article on acoustic treatmentAcoustic Primer
    We live in a world where high quality sound systems are
    now relatively inexpensive but few people realise how
    much the performance of even the very best system
    can be compromised by poor room acoustics. You might
    think you’re just listening to your loudspeakers but what
    actually arrives at your ears is a mix of the direct sound
    from the speakers plus countless sonic reflections from all
    the hard surfaces in the room, including the walls, ceiling
    floor and furniture. Some sound reflection is required to
    stop a room from sounding unnaturally dead, but unless
    it is carefully controlled, you will experience problems
    such as bass notes sounding muddy, different notes in
    the bass line sounding louder or quieter than they should,
    a lack of focus in the mids and highs and vague stereo
    imaging where it becomes difficult to tell where a sound
    is supposed to be coming from.
    Some people take what seems like an intuitive approach
    and stick carpet to the walls, a problem often encountered
    in ‘enthusiasts’ recording studios. Carpet seems to
    dry up the sound so why not? The reality is that the
    effectiveness of a ‘porous’ acoustic absorber is linked
    to its physical thickness where greater thicknesses are
    needed to treat low frequency (bass) reflections than high
    frequencies. Carpet will dry up the very high frequencies
    but does little in the mid range and nothing at all at low
    frequencies, so what you end up with is a room dominated
    by mid and low frequencies resulting in a boxy, oppressive
    sound. The ideal situation is where the acoustic treatment
    works well at all frequencies so that the room reflections
    can be controlled without throwing the overall sound out
    of balance.