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    Because I'm moving country, I must part with my dear Blackstar HT Studio 20. This 20 watt combo valve amp has seen me through some great gigs. It comes with Blackstar's terrific reverb built in and your choice between UK & US ISF (infinite shape feature) settings when playing in overdrive.

    This amp comes with the clean / overdrive foot pedal, kettle lead, and cover, all original. I bought this baby 3 years ago and it's in great condition. I've had the valves changed by Bill Armstrong and they've retained the original warm sound that Blackstar is known for.

    I'm asking 380 for this:


    I'm also selling:
    -an Ibanez Artcore AF75-BS-12-01 for 140
    -a Proteus 2000 rack mountable sound module for 75
    -a padded guitar case with hydrometre for 30
    -a mic stand

    Snatch up this deal and get in touch today and get in touch with me at hellomyuglies@gmail.com & I can give you my phone number.

  2. avatar Estrella Ojos
  3. avatar Estrella Ojos
    Still going. Come take a look & make an offer - you never know! :)