1. avatar Strativarius
    Orange AD5. All Valve Combo Amplifier. 5 Watts.

    It's the second run AD5. In mint condition, even comes with it's original box. Only had light bedroom use. I put new valves in it about three hours playing ago. It has the Celestion G10N-40 speaker. Really is a great little combo.. smooth, warm vintage amp sounds. Takes effects/pedals really well also. Ideal for home use or recording. Loud for a 5w. I used it at home and rarely (if ever) had it past mid way.


    PM or post in thread. Thanks,

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  2. avatar Strativarius
    Picture added.

  3. avatar JoePineapples
    Where are you based mate?
  4. avatar Strativarius
    Just off the M1. Outside Portadown. In Lisburn and Belfast area regularly though.
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  5. avatar Strativarius
  6. avatar Strativarius
    Would do a trade for a cheap-ish 335 copy (between say £100 and £300?). Cash either way.