1. avatar batters
    Ballymoney's MacFest is coming up soon, anyone been to it before? Whats the atmosphere like? IS IT WORTH 15!?
  2. avatar davey
    Worth every penny! 19 acts including camping and parking for £15 and its bring your own drink?
    Small festival with a great line up and its for charity! Great atmosphere as everyone there for the right reasons! http://macfest2013.weebly.com/
  3. avatar batters
    Just watched the 2010/2011 promo video from the site you linked. I was unsure before. I am now sure. I might dance like a hippy when i get there. Probably drink a lot. Then i'll tune my air guitar to drop D and start melting faces.
  4. avatar davey
    Sounds like a plan!! :lol: