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    Beautiful Sounds is a portable, on site music recording service, offering recording in your choice of venue, whether it be in a church or hall, to your own home. We will help you get the best sound from your choice of recording venue. We are also equipped for live recording. We are mainly situated in the Lisburn/Belfast area, but are willing to travel.

    [u:7926bda0a2][b:7926bda0a2]Gear List[/b:7926bda0a2][/u:7926bda0a2]

    AKG C214 X 2
    Shure SM58 X 1
    Shure SM57 X 2
    Shure PG81 X 1
    Audix D2 X 2
    Audix D4 X 1
    Audix D6 X 1
    Audix i5 X 1
    Audix ADX51 X 2

    Focusrite Saffire Pro 40
    Focusrite Octopre Mkii Dynamic

    Music will be mixed on Genelec 8040b monitors, using Pro Tools 11 or Apple Logic 9, with the use of Waves plugins.

    Headphone Amplification facilities

    I am a graduate of Queen’s University, studying Music Technology, concentrating in recording in his third year. I am a keen pianist and performer, having achieved my Diploma with the London College of Music. I am experienced in many genres, having worked with a large range of musicians in different contexts. Musical experience varies from solo classical piano performance, jazz, contemporary and worship.

    Please contact for more information or enquiries.