1. avatar Melfaso
    Simply plug and play, practice along with mp3s or slow down sections to learn covers. Also allows player to record as they play and overlay various takes - great piece of kit.

    Excellent practice tool. Looking for 75 collected in Belfast. PM me with any questions.

    [url=http://tascam.com/product/gb-10/]See info here[/url]

    Based on its acclaimed line of instrument trainers, TASCAM's GB-10 is the ultimate tool for guitar and bass players to learn and record new music. Load up the SD card with your MP3 collection, then loop and slow down licks without changing the pitch. Plug into the 1/4" input to play along through amp modeling, reverb and other effects. The GB-10 even records your music with an overdub mode to build up arrangements.
    The GB-10 includes a 2GB SD card for loading in your music collection. Variable Speed Audition allows musicians to independently change the speed and pitch of MP3 or WAV playback. The tabletop design is perfect for practicing almost anywhere. A tuner and metronome are also built-in for precision playback. A 3-button footswitch input for TASCAM's optional RC-3F allows hands-free control.
    The TASCAM GB-10 is the ideal practice tool for musicians of any skill level to build their technique.