1. avatar ptrmcky
    Someone please buy this. I've owned it for 4 years and it hasn't been played much for the last 3. It's one of the best lines of modern Fender amps. It's too good an amp for me to have sitting round so it needs to go to a good home. Posted it on a couple of months ago but didn't keep up with replies. I will be much more vigilant this time.

    Looking to get 450 for this delightful amp. It is the 2003 Pro Reverb. It has a great clean channel. Indistinguishable form the twin reverb. It also has a very nice drive channel despite Fenders bad rep with drive channels. Comes with foot pedal to change between channels and that turns the tremolo on and off.

    The stock speaker has also been professionally upgraded to an Eminence one.

  2. avatar ptrmcky
    Here's a website for with some info on the amp.
  3. avatar paulo
    I asked you the last time you had it up if you would be interested in a Mesa Boogie DC3 . Would it be your kind of thing ???
  4. avatar ptrmcky
    Sorry Paulo. I'm just looking for a sale.
  5. avatar paulo
    I've a few things up for sale at the minute on another site . If I shift them I'll deal for your amp .
    It's just that money is tight at the minute and maybe the Boogie would shift quicker than the Fender
    especially at that price . Have a think about it ,
  6. avatar Setzer