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    Marshall AVT 275 (Valvestate 2000) - 2x12, four channels including two OD, one clean and one acoustic simulator with built-in effects (delay, chorus, reverbs etc.)

    Great for rock/metal stuff in my experience. Clean tones are good as well, but it's strength is in it's Marshall rock sound. Acoustic simulator is surprisingly useful. Built-in effects all fairly good, especially delay, chorus & reverb options.

    - As in the pictures below, the only real scuff is on the back of the amp.
    - The Marshall logo that clips on the front was removed on purchase and kept in perfect (bright white) condition.
    - Foot-pedal included and also never used.
    - Still have the original packaging - sturdy cardboard box with reinforced ceramic corners.

    Was looking 200 but will take 180.


    I will give it a thorough clean-down before sale - it has been collecting a bit of dust unfortunately. ;)

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    * Updated.
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    Updated further - more info, couple of pics, lowered asking price..