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    Studio Seven is a small, but very capable private studio in Belfast running a full Pro Tools TDM system. The studio is equipped with quality microphones & preamps and hosts a modest supply of instruments and amplifiers available for clientís use. From bands to voice over artists, Studio Seven is capable of producing top quality results at an affordable price.

    Mics: - Mics include ranges from Oktava, Shure, AKG and more.
    Guitars: - Fender Stratocaster, Fender Telecaster, Gibson Maurader,
    Ovation electroacoustic, Fender Precision
    Amps: - Marshall JCM 2000, Brunetti Maranello, Marshall 4x12 cab,
    Tech 21 Sansamp Bass pre
    Keyboards: - Nord Electro 3 73, Roland Stage Piano, Kurzweil K2000, Korg
    Microkorg, Access Virus Rack Synth, Midi controllers

    Introductory offers (valid until 1st February 2013 regardless of date booked):

    3 track ep: - £160 (includes 3 full days recording and mixing)
    Solo singer: - £50 (includes recording of 4 songs to backing tracks)
    Acoustic: - £120 (includes 2 full days for acoustic acts record / mix)

    Normal Rates:

    Daily: - £80 (Based on an 8hr day but flexible)
    Weekend: - £160 (includes Fri evening, all day Sat and Sun)
    Singers/VOs: - £20 (Based on singers to backing track per song)

    Samples of previous work available on request

    Text / Call / Leave message 07716866152