1. avatar citizen
    Pedals & pickup clearout!

    Joyo Ultimate Drive (OCD clone) - 25

    Joyo digital delay - (Deep blue clone) - 25

    Startouch ST-2 passive AB/Y switcher - 35

    Iron Gear 'Rolling Mill) PAF type humbucker - bridge position - full wire left - 4 conductor - 20

    Happy to post any of these for couple of quid extra. I'm close to Newry but travel to Belfast usually once/twice weekly..

    Not interested in any trades at the minute - pm if interested
  2. avatar Adam MD
  3. avatar citizen
  4. avatar Adam MD
    Back at you fella
  5. avatar citizen
    Two Joyo's sold pending payment to Adam MD

  6. avatar citizen

    Switcher & pickup still available..