1. avatar flightstrip
    heres gumtree link [url=http://www.gumtree.com/p/for-sale/assorted-drumpa-bitstamapremier-etc-plus-hardware-cheap-to-clearalso-pa-gear/1007937336]Your text to link here...[/url]



    whats left includes;

    Tama swingstar shell kit including snare (dark blue) 225
    Various Premier etc drums,some 1960s,70s etc from 15!
    plenty of snare stands,some vintage from 15
    tama kick pedal 20
    stagg kick pedal 40
    various drum/hardware cases from 20-70
    *no more symbol stands.all sold

    selection of PA speaker stands from 20 a pair
    Cerwin vega 15" bass bins 160
    Complete Kam 12"PA includes 2x new 150w speakers and 300 watt rack mount amp.un used.160 the lot
    loadsa speakers,lights,smoke machines requiring repairs.also coming down with leads.way too many to list.from mini jacks to speakons.ask
    will put up full updated list with individual prices soon but feel free to enquire about anything that tickles your fancy!

    taking sensible cash offers