1. avatar Sharks And Danger
    Im selling a 2011/12 Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar (HH) in Fiesta Red. (YouTube Demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ggat-bYTDuo)

    It was bought in January 2012 and has only been gigged once. Its in excellent nick apart from a few marks on the scratch plate. Worth noting that Ive had the original electronics tidied up and the stacked pots improved since I got it. Im selling it to help pay for a Tele because I have another Jag and fancied a change. Im also selling a Gator hard case with the guitar.

    Id like to get around 250 for the guitar and hard case, but Im open to offers. Please email me at paddyduke@gmail.com if youre interested.

    I live right beside Queens in Belfast, and I can deliver after 6pm to anywhere within (guitar-laden) walking distance from there. Youll need to pick it up if youre any further away though.

    Ill get some proper photos up tonight, but for now heres what it looks like:


    And the case:

  2. avatar tbc
    i got a Fender MIM Blacktop MINT for £230 so you might be hard pushed to get £250 for it
  3. avatar Sharks And Danger
    Where did you get that? I paid £450 for mine two years ago.

    The Squier was £255 new, and the case was £80, and since both are in great condition I didn’t think £250 was a bad price.

    As I said though, I’m open to offers.
  4. avatar Adam MD
    You know it's bad when tbc tells you you're asking too much for your gear!
  5. avatar Chuffola
    LOL! I mean, literally, LOL.