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    [b:a0210cbf17]SO:NI[/b:a0210cbf17] presents....

    [b:a0210cbf17]FOUR BAND FRIDAY - FIRST OF 2013![/b:a0210cbf17]

    [b:a0210cbf17]MOSCOW TIMES[/b:a0210cbf17]
    - Powerful & atmospheric "Warehouse Rock" quintet with strong songs & stage presence

    [b:a0210cbf17]THE DELFINOS[/b:a0210cbf17]
    - Rootsy trio with country & blues influences and hugely impressive guitar playing.

    [b:a0210cbf17]BLINDING LIGHTS[/b:a0210cbf17]
    - Guitar driven rock'n'roll with catchy riffs & choruses from this new Belfast band - their first ever SO:NI gig.

    [b:a0210cbf17]THE REMEDY[/b:a0210cbf17]
    - Brand new Belfast quartet with funk influences - also their SO:NI debut

    The Pavilion Bar, Belfast (Ormeau Road)
    Friday 1st February 2013
    Doors 8.30pm, admission 4.50

    Plus loads of Pavilion drinks promos!