1. avatar Bileofwood
    We and a couple of other bands rent a room at Blackstaff for 225 a month.

    Works out at 75 per band per month. For that we get access from 8AM to 11PM, 7 days a week.

    Possibly looking into getting another band in making it just 56 a month.

    We have a vacancy come free, any bands interested.

    Please note that we share some equipment so some contribution to the overall room quote would be required as a show of good faith.

    Also, unless we know you there is little point in applying, this is very much a trust heavy deal. If you have played with us as The Big Grizzly before, or with me previously in The Hubris give it a go.
  2. avatar coatzy
    Are you still looking for a band? As my band are currently looking to get in somewhere round that area.
  3. avatar flightstrip
    hey bill,might be interested in a few months if u havent got anyone yet.
  4. avatar Bileofwood
    Sorry guys, ended up quitting and going co with some other types.