1. avatar FreshBeans
    Acoustically treated Room with soundproofing.
    Warm and Comfortable. Quality.
    Ambient Lighting. Located Belfast City Centre. 5 mins from Europa Station on Grovesnor Road
    Gear includes:

    2 x Fender HotRod deluxe amps available
    Warwick Bass amp
    Mixture between Tama rockstar,Pearl and Zildigen Drum Kit.
    Microphones are Shure SM58/SM57's + Akg Condensors and Drum Mics.

    Chillout area also

    25 3 hours
    80 12 hour Block Booking

    Contact: Revolverrooms@gmail.com
    or call 07597568887
    for same day reply.

    Anyone in Carrickfergus area looking for a space I also know of a place to rent of similar standards of quality.

    Thanks for looking.