1. avatar wannabeflea
    Just a feeler at the minute. I've cut way back on my gigging responsibilities and can't justify having a bass of this caliber, so I'm putting it up for trade. Having said that I'll not be heartbroken if it stays put!

    Bought last year used from Bass Direct. Sheldon has got so many things right with his designs. It's a great sounding bass, and a doddle to play. Took virtually no time to get used to the fanned frets. This has the 5A flamed top and black headstock/neckplate options. Nice and light at 8.5lbs. Sounds IMMENSE! Only issue with bass is a slight score/indentation on the back of the neck behind the 1st/2nd fret on the bass side.

    These pics are the Bass Direct pics of the actual bass but will get something more recent for anyone who shows interest.

    Trade value OF 1600. As trades I'd entertain a sub 1k 5 string, preferably jazz or precision style although open to suggestions. Lakland Skyline 5 would be good. Not interested in anything Musicman I'm afraid - can't get along with them for some reason! Obviously I'll need reddies my way with whatever you have to trade. Will consider 4 string trades, especially a Fender Roadworn 50s P in Sunburst.

    Only 1k+ bass I'd really be interested in is a Fender Roscoe Beck.