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    [b:1396d1bf43]Hi. I host pub quizzes, but they don't have to be in pubs. Generally for the charity of ones' choice. Just thought I would post here to see if anyone needed one. The next one I am hosting is Friday 25th of January 2013, in Avenue Bar, Downpatrick. Charity is Down Residential Project, likely to kick off 9pm shortly after 3 per player. If anyone fancies going.

    Enough of the plugging here is how I work: 10 rounds, 10 questions each round and a different subject. Each correct answer is worth 5 points. Prizes are generally the responsibility of whoever asks me to host the quiz. I have someone with me to score keep and generally assist which includes selling raffle tickets for prizes on offer during a 15 minute interval. This traditionally happens half way through the quiz.

    I don't seek a wage. As I live in Castlewellan and don't drive I like to stay within a 10 mile radius tho I am willing to travel further if someone can offer transport. Other than that all I seek is a microphone and 2 pints of Guinness as my fee. (However if someone is willing to offer a wage I shall graciously accept tho I stress I DO NOT ACCEPT)[/b:1396d1bf43]