1. avatar Mark1985
    First up is a visual sound Route 66 od/comp.
    Great pedal, just not getting enough use anymore.
    Boxed and in excellent condition. Looking 70.

    Next up is a lovepedal les lius. Great boutique pedal. Tweed overdrive with an extra gain stage. Some great demos and reviews online. Boxed and in excellent condition. Looking 110 Ono.
    Xotic BB preamp added. 120
    Would prefer to trade.

    Not using these pedal enough to justify keep them on my board.
    Will trade for a fulltone OCD or a wampler paisley drive.
    Call or txt
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  2. avatar Mark1985
  3. avatar Mark1985
  4. avatar Mark1985
    Any offers? W.h.y
  5. avatar Mark1985
  6. avatar Mark1985
  7. avatar Mark1985
  8. avatar Avarimusic
    I'd be happy to offer you £80 for the les lius pedal saying as you've had no takers yet?
  9. avatar Mark1985
    Gonna keep it dude. Cheers