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    I've cut WAY back on my gigging (baby number 2 due at the end of March) so can't justify having all this gear sitting around doing nothing. This is all top notch stuff.

    1. Tecamp Puma 212 Combo

    Best combo I've owned, and just about the best bass combo available. Very light so it's an easy carry and has tilt back casters should you need them. Includes fitted cover. Here's Tecamp's blurb.


    "The Puma combo 212 is fitted with newly designed TecAmp 12” bass speaker chassis that work in meticulously calibrated enclosures to deliver expanded low end. The combos feature the new NTM-1 middle-high cone speaker with a Neodymium double magnet system. Working in a sealed enclosure it impresses with a low roll-off frequency and a very flat frequency response, thus delivering a smooth top end far beyond 10 kHz at astounding sound pressure levels.

    Every PUMA combo boasts an external Speakon® output for the connection of an additional speaker cabinet. The handle on top and the castors at the Puma combo 212 allow an easy handling."

    TecAmp Puma Combo 212 Features:
    Extremely lightweight
    Neodym Speakers
    Switching power supply
    Poplar plywood
    4-band EQ
    Pre/post »DI out«
    NTM-1 Neodym-Cone-HF-Driver
    Extern »Speaker Out«
    2 x 12” TecAmp LE12-65 4 ohms
    solid state preamp with gain, taste, lo, lomid, himid, hi, master controls, switchable mute, DI pre/post, XLR balanced DI out, 1 x effects loop, tuner out, line out, line in
    Power Amp:
    Class D amplifier, 320 w; 500 w / 4 ohms
    Power supply:
    switching power supply
    high quality temperature controlled fan
    1 x NTM-1 hi-mid speaker with double Neodym magnet system 4” cone
    Freq. Response:
    32-18.000 Hz
    Dimensions (W x H x D):
    44 x 75 x 41 cm;
    17” x 29,5” x 16”
    21,5 kg / 47,5 lbs


    2. Tech Soundsystems ND412S 4x12 bass cab

    (Tecamp used to be called Tech Soundsystems)

    1200 watt monster-sounding cab. Weighs very little again (57lbs). Slightly bigger than a 4x10 bass cab, but louder/deeper than any 8x10 I've played/owned. I've never played a gig where this cab came close to breaking a sweat. Has Tech's 5-way switchable crossover in there so you can be aggressive or sweet as you like with the treble end of things. This cab has seen little use (maybe a dozen rehearsals and half a dozen gigs) although I've owned it (from new) for 7 years. The cab is extremely efficient, so much so that using a 30 watt valve bass head I could fill a wedding sized venue with ease! The original Tech website is now gone, but looking at the current incarnation of this cab, the Tecamp XL 412, here's what Tecamp have to say:

    "The XL-series speaker cabinets stand for thunderous low-end, focused midrange and soft or aggressive high frequencies – just the way you like it. The 12” speakers in the XL 412 and XL 612 flood the stage with a sound which will always compete with guitar amps no matter what size the stacks are. If you are looking for a growling rock sound which easily cuts through you can’t get round these cabinets. It is the enormous punch of the lower midrange which will always be heard within the mix."

    Here's Tech Soundsystems specs for the cab:

    4 x 12" + Tweeter
    1200 Wrms @ 8ohms
    32 - 20,000Hz
    75 x 68 x 43 cm
    (30" x 27" x 17")
    26kg / 57lb


    As the cab is 8 ohm it could be paired with the Tecamp combo above for the ultimate modular rig! I'd do both together for £1k

    3. *****SOLD***** Aguilar GS112 1x12 bass cab

    Prices are flexible (to a degree). May be open to trades but the only things I really need is a small guitar cab (1x12 or 2x12), but try me.
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    4. Roland v-bass modeller and gk3b pickup.

    Both in "as new" condition. Bought when i was going through a pedal frenzy, but i'm a straight to the amp kind of guy at heart. The board was bought on evil bay from a guy who had it as a spare. It's literally never been stepped on. Makes spectacular noises! The pickup i bought new, fitted temporarily to a bass to give it a try, subsequently removed from the bass and put back in its packaging. Loads of info online about these.


    There may be more coming...
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    My first post!
    Would you swap the aguilar for an ashdown ABM 410T Cab 600 watts
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    Sorry the Aguilar sold on Wednesday night. I'll update the listing now.