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    AKG drum mic set in aluminium case + Safire 6 auido interface
    Safire is new and unregistered and drum mic set is perfect and mint

    £200 for lot no offers....
    The Focusrite Saffire 6 USB is a two-in/four-out USB audio interface. It uses the same award-winning Focusrite mic preamps as the rest of the Saffire range. This makes it the best value, and best sounding interface in its class.

    It is ultra reliable and easy to set up, providing you with the simplest route to record into, and play back from your computer. It has lower latency than any of its rivals, and professional analogue-to-digital converters ensure you get the best possible signal into your recording software.

    With two mic pres, multiple outputs and MIDI I/O, the Saffire 6 USB can be at the centre of your home recording setup. However, its rock-solid reliability means that you can take it out and record on location with confidence. The two-in, four-out configuration is perfect for laptop DJs who need to be able to cue up material, or send two different signals to either side of a DJ mixer.
    The Saffire 6 USB is the easiest way of getting the classic Focusrite mic preamp into your recording set-up.

    AKG Groove Pack Drum Microphone Set. The Drumset GROOVE PACK comes in an all-metal carrying case with six microphones for bass, drum and overhead positioning.

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    AKG's Drumset Groove Pack drum mic kit is the most comprehensive, hard-wearing and highly versatile set of microphones available to percussionists today. The mics it includes the ideal solution for any drummer who needs top-notch sound quality, whether in the live setting or studio.

    The two overhead P 17 condenser cardiod microphones with the Drumset GROOVE PACK offer a level of precision that is normally found in a higher cost, small-diaphragm condenser. With an all-metal construction and a switchable 20 dB attenuation pad, the P 17 is a ½ - inch small diaphragm instrumental microphone, perfectly suited for overhead positioning.

    Also included in the package are the P2 bass and P4 drum microphones from AKG’s Perception Live series. The P2 is a dynamic mic designed to provide low-frequency instruments with a powerful sound and a wide, dynamic range, while the P4 is designed to handle the highest sound pressure levels with a response specifically tailored for neutral reproduction of instrument sounds. Both of the mics come with a rugged, all-metal body to withstand the typical tough stage use, an intergraded stand adapter and external bracket, and a hum compensation coil that rejects EMC noises.

    In addition to the microphones, the Drumset GROOVE PACK includes three H440 mounting clamps and two SA60 stand adapters, packaged together in a highly resistant metal carrying case.

    AKG's Groove Pack Contents:

    6 microphones from the new Perception live series:

    1x P 2 bass microphone
    2x P 17 for overheads
    3x P 4 for toms and snare.
    This complete set comes in a protective aluminium carrying case.
    The Saffire 6 USB comes with Ableton Live Lite 8, Novation's Bass Station synthesizer and over a gigabyte of samples. In addition to all this, you get the Focusrite FX Suite, which includes a compressor, gate, reverb and EQ to upgrade your standard AU/VST effects.