1. avatar kekybobo
    *Some items now sold*


    Im moving to Oz in a few months so its now time to clear out all my music equipment. Everything is in full working order (unless stated otherwise). Reasonable offers accepted.
    I live in Crumlin. Delivery can be arranged.

    [b:0bc4fb037f]Phonic powerpod 740 and speakers - £200[/b:0bc4fb037f]
    *one speaker has a slight crackle*

    [b:0bc4fb037f]Studiomaster Powerhouse 300 8-2 - £75[/b:0bc4fb037f]
    *Repair or parts – dirty pots and missing slider knobs*

    [b:0bc4fb037f]Custom built hard case for Studiomaster (could suit similar) - £50 [/b:0bc4fb037f]

    [b:0bc4fb037f]Pentium D 3GHz, 2GB DDR2, 300GB HD, dual 19” & 14” monitors, Stereo speakers, Windows XP Prof, Ableton Live 8. *Includes all cables and drivers* - £200 [/b:0bc4fb037f]

    [b:0bc4fb037f]ST audio DSP2000 10x10 24bit/96kHz multi-channel recording package (PCI based) - £100 [/b:0bc4fb037f]

    [b:0bc4fb037f]PR8E 8 channel mic preamp - £100 [/b:0bc4fb037f]

    [b:0bc4fb037f]Comtrend Powergrid Ethernet set - £25 [/b:0bc4fb037f]

    [b:0bc4fb037f]Boss AC-2 acoustic sim pedal - £20 [/b:0bc4fb037f]
    [b:0bc4fb037f]Ibanez CS5 super chorus pedal - £20 [/b:0bc4fb037f]
    [b:0bc4fb037f]Heavy duty broadcast desk mic stand - £10[/b:0bc4fb037f]

    + Others +

    [b:0bc4fb037f]Creative P5800 5.1 speakers - £30[/b:0bc4fb037f]

    [b:0bc4fb037f]KSC M11A1 gas BB submachine gun w/ 2 mags, gas and BBs - £100[/b:0bc4fb037f]

    [b:0bc4fb037f]MBS Comp 16 (2006 purple) mountain board w/ heal straps - £100[/b:0bc4fb037f]
    [b:0bc4fb037f]MBS comp 16 (2003 Green) mountain board w/ snowboard bindings - £75[/b:0bc4fb037f]
    *Take both and I’ll throw in my pads, helmet, carry bag and spare wheels etc*

    PICS: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/40402239/Things%20for%20sale.rar

    Thanks for looking!

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  2. avatar davethetimekeeper
    Interested in the Hartke! Is it good for heavy/classic rock?
  3. avatar kekybobo
    Id say maybe more towards the classic rock sound than heavy rock sound, but its got 2 channels, decent crunch, nice spring verb and the valve makes its well beefy.
  4. avatar MiltonG565
    PM'd you last night :)
  5. avatar remedy malahide
    I'll take the ypa mic if it's still free.
  6. avatar remedy malahide
    PM'd re the Primo mic, are these still available?
  7. avatar kekybobo
    some items still available!
  8. avatar chops9012
    i'll take the ethernet thingymabob if its still available by payday dude
  9. avatar kekybobo
    ethernet thingymabobs are still available