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    TERRORIZER MAGAZINE - "This is the soundtrack to the most apocalyptic party known to man, played with the energy of the Stooges, the danger of the Murder Junkies and interlaced with the slick gothic swagger of the Sisters Of Mercy……. deadly, desperate and downright filthy" (4/5)

    Wounds are brothers Aidan and James Coogan, Aaron McGrath and Craig McCann. Influenced by The Stooges, Every Time I Die, Amen and Nine Inch Nails, they released their debut EP 'Dead Dead Fucking Dead' which received rave reviews from the likes of...

    KERRANG! "Menacing, volatile, and thrilling angular punk sounds - Breathtaking Stuff " (KKKK)

    ROCK SOUND "Rock Sound is entirely in love with the exhilarating noise created by this Dublin punk quartet - more please " (8/10).

    With a blistering live show, the band then toured with Gallows, Cancer Bats and Crime in Stereo in support of the release.

    Shortly after; the band began working on their debut album but the process was cut short when James unfortunately fell from a four-story balcony, and was left of life support while in a coma for 6 weeks. After what seemed like a miracle of a recovery and a painful time for all involved, James pulled through. Wounds picked up where they left off & finished recording their debut album 'DIE YOUNG' which will be released in January 28th 2013 through In At The Deep End.


    [url=https://soundcloud.com/fuckwounds/deaddeadfuckingdead]WOUNDS 'DEAD DEAD FUCKING DEAD' FREE DOWNLOAD[/url]

    [size=100]THE ALICE KONA BAND[/size]
    Mixing fuzz pop and noisy garage punk, Belfast's Alice Kona Band have been playing raucous, unhinged shows since 2009.
    In 2012 they released the singles Bad Dreams and Film, their most well received work to date; getting air play from the likes of BBC Introducing and RTE 2.

    [url=https://soundcloud.com/thealicekonaband]THE ALICE KONA BAND SOUNDCLOUD[/url]

    BELLOS are a relatively new (August formed) 3 piece alternative rock band from Belfast with influences coming from the early 90s grunge scene, plus many modern acts such as cloud nothings and ty segall. Bellos display a very loud energetic show that should have both you and they sufficiently warmed up for the other awesome acts on this evening.

    [url=http://bellos.bandcamp.com/]BELLOS BANDCAMP[/url]

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    [url=http://www.kerrang.com/blog/2013/01/kerrangcom_exclusive_stream_th.html]KERRANG! WOUNDS 'DIE YOUNG' ALBUM STREAM[/url]
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