1. avatar RevolverRooms
    RevolverRooms is A Fully acoustically treated top quality rehearsal room in Belfast using quality gear and with a comfortable and vintage feel.
    5 mins walk from Europa bus centre.
    Available only for dedicated bands or musicians - Strict No twat policy!
    Secure parking.
    Located @ Westlink enterprise park off the Grovesnor Rd.

    -Full use of the Yamaha P.A system with vocal FX + Mackie 32 channel desk (when recording)
    -Art headphone amp (bring your own headpphones)
    -2x Fender Deluxe all valve amps(with foot switches for overdrive/clean etc)
    -Tama rockstar pro drum kit ( with monitor for vocals etc- invaluable)
    -Warwick Bass amp.
    -The mics.... AKG Groove pack for drums, AKG C4000b, Shure Sm58's and Sm57's.
    This is all quality gear and the studio is absolutely perfect for rehearsal and recording live Stereo recordings.

    The costing is as follows
    - 1x 3 hour session 30
    - 8 x 3 hour sessions 180
    - 10 x 3 hour session and 1 full live recording session 200

    We are looking for 1 more band to fill regular slots.
    Revolver Rooms is exactly what you are looking for if you need quality, warm, comfortable place to practice.

    Call or Text 07597568887 for pics or info
    Or email RevolverRooms@gmail.com