1. avatar attitude
    Hey were MotherWave, a new 2-piece who formed in Summer 2012...weve been practising hard for a few months and now we've got the songs and were ready to gig anywhere and everywhere we can!

    Heres a link to our new Facebook page, some rough songs up and waiting on a few mixes from the studio at the moment!


    Our music can suit either pub gigs etc or coffee shops and the likes and takes influences from bands like Pearl Jam and SoundGarden so if anyone needs some support let us know. :D

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  2. avatar SUPERNOVA
    Put your own gig on guys. Auntie Annies will rent you the room for free on a week night, get a few bands to play, invite alot of people. Charge 5 in and with your takings you pay the sound man 80 quid! BTW my band would be up for playing if you did this Check us out on FB CorradoBand. Cheers
  3. avatar attitude
    Cheers man, il look into it!!

    In the meantime, any bands looking for a support act???