1. avatar scumbag

    I purchased the guitar in the pics from Rich Tone Music at the very start of this year. It is a JAPANESE model and is infinitely superior to korean manufacture. The build quality is flawless and simply puts Gibson to shame. The close up pic of the back of the headstock shows the upgraded GOTOH tuners that I fitted in place of the original units. Gotoh tuners are simply magnificent and the LC 95 will hold tune under the most aggressive playing styles. The close up pic of the bridge shows the FABER locking unit which I fitted in place of the original. Faber are a German company and the bridge is screwed down and thus increases resonance which can be heard in the sheer tone and level of sustain the guitar produces. Gold Boston Straplocks are fitted to the guitar also, every Les Paul player knows that you MUST use these type of strap buttons. The original nut has been removed by Robin formerly of Avalon guitars and retrofitted by a bone type cut onsite at their factory in Ards. The cavity on the rear of the guitar to access the wiring for the pickup selector still has its vinyl cover on it and you can see it clearly in that pic. The guitar has been used 100% for home use only and it has not got a mark on it, I have the pickguard and mounting screws should a buyer wish to put it back on. The wood used for the fingerboard is rosewood and not ebony. Rosewood gives that Les Paul warmth and doesnt sound as aggressive or bright as ebony certainly can. This guitar will fly through any test it is put through, it has consistency and quality of build to make a Gibson blush, it holds tune like many more expensive guitars cannot, it intonates to perfection and it has simply been a joy to play in the time ive owned it. I am looking for 510.00 or very near offer to purchase it from me, it will delight anyone who sees it and then there is plugging it into an amp to look forward too. Those who are seriously interested ,no timewasters, tyrekickers or lowballers.... please give me a call on 07752409129
  2. avatar Strativarius
    Any interest in my SG plus cash your way?

    Here she is...


  3. avatar scumbag
    hi strativarius, nice guitar you got there, but im only interested in a cash sale.
  4. avatar u2experience
    My first post!

    is this Les Paul still for sale?
    If so please contact me.