1. avatar Kinstry
    KC Recordings: Available to record acoustic and full band tracks, ideal for demos or EPs. Everything is portable so I can come to wherever is easiest for you. Whether that is a practise room or a front living room.

    [b:ef3e944b3c]Equipment list:[/b:ef3e944b3c]

    Computer: Macbook Pro Late 2011
    Software Available: Pro Tools 10. Ableton 8. Reason 5. And a large collection of plugins.
    Interface - Digidesign 002 + Focusrite Octopre Mk II Dynamic
    Monitors: AKG K271 MK II

    [b:ef3e944b3c]Microphones (Currently Available):[/b:ef3e944b3c]
    t.bone SC400
    Shure SM58
    t.bone EM700
    t.bone BD300
    KAM Drums Mics

    Plus more...

    [b:ef3e944b3c]Price List:[/b:ef3e944b3c]

    Full Band Single Track: 40
    3 Track Full Band EP: 100
    Additional Tracks: 30
    6 Track Full Band EP: 200

    Single Acoustic Track (Acoustic Instrument and Vocals): 20
    3 Track EP: 50
    Additional Tracks: 10
    6 Track EP: 100

    [b:ef3e944b3c]Other Products:[/b:ef3e944b3c]
    Live Recordings: From 20*

    *Possibility depending on the live sound engineer's equipment. Price depending on set type and length. Full Price List Coming Soon.

    Mixing and mastering (recorded else where): 20

    Video along with recording (includes sync): 30

    If you wish for recordings of anything else, such as vocal dubs or choir recordings, please contact me for a quote.

    Prices listed above are for full mixed and mastered tracks. If you wish for unmixed or unmastered tracks, please contact me for a quote.

    Contact: contact@kinstry.co.uk
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kcrecordings
    Video/Sound Quality Example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RcwKiiWAPDo