1. avatar Adam2550
    Hi guys, up for sale is my RG7321FM in a cherry red burst with a John Petrucci Crunch Lab pickup in the bridge! Excellent condition, not a mark on the thing!

    Asking for 320, original pickup included too




    I'm located in Carrick, email me at adamdallas91(@)gmail.com if you're interested!

    Also for sale - T.C Electronic Vortex flanger - 60
  2. avatar Adam2550
  3. avatar Adam2550
    Bump again!
  4. avatar Fuzz89
    Pfeiffer Electronics Fuzz-O or
    Electro Harmonix Frequency Analyzer
    in trade for the flanger?
  5. avatar Adam2550
    Sorry only looking for cash for the gear as I'm getting a new camera! Cheers anyways.

    Still for sale!
  6. avatar Adam2550
    Bumpity bump!