1. avatar garrexial
    This is an awesome ride. Used a handful of times.

    Mint condition.

    Designed using computer-driven hammering, the pure bronze Zildjian Z Custom 20-inch Power Ride cymbal offers increased sound projection. This Zildjian cymbal plays hard and loud, giving you an enriching musical experience. With a smart stick definition, the design and functionality of this Zildjian ride cymbal help produce rich sound ideal for live concerts. The sharp ping sound and bright overtones makes this Zildjian cymbal sound just fantastic. Thanks to the cutting bell and its large size, this ride cymbal flawlessly produces loud and knocking sound. The Z Custom 20-inch Power Ride cymbal possesses great power and playability, making it ideal for rock concerts.

    120 ono.

    Belfast/Newtownabbey area.
  2. avatar garrexial