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    The philosophy of our modern scavans is like the bed of Procustes. Is the bed too long for the sufferer, he is stretched to its full length. Is the sufferer too long for the bed, he is cut to fit it. If the thing wont fit the philosophy; why, the philosophy must be made to fit the thing. King Charles the II. propounded this question to the royal society. Why does a fish in the water weigh less than a fish out of the water? Every member immediately produced his theory T and the thing was very satisfactorily accounted for, at least to themselves. As Mr. A. Jones says of his new invented kite, "probatum esJ." When, to their utter astonishment, the facetious monarch ordered the experiment to be made, a thing that had been totally overlooked by them, "conticuere omnes," the fish was [url=http://coachsoutlet-online.webeden.net/]Coach Outlet Online[/url] found to weigh in each situation precisely the same. "Another Shooter" asks "A Shooter," No. 4, page 186, "why he can with a small detonating pistol drive a ball through an inch plank at a short distance, and yet if he be a tolerably expert thrower, he can, with his hand, throw a ball of the same size further over a sheet of water than the pistol; certainly further with the aid of a sling; and yet the ball thrown from the hand [url=http://www.moncleroutletsonsale.com/]Moncler Outlet[/url] or sling would make but a slight indentation on the plank?" "A Shooter," No. 5, page 238, undertakes to answer the question according to his theory of projectiles, taking the assertion as trueLike the members of the royal society, he is fonder of his theory than experiment.

    Now, I assert that I will [url=http://www.coachsoutletonlinee.com/]Coach Factory Outlet Online[/url] take a small, well constructed pocket pistol, if a detonating pistol so much the better— and "Another Shooter," or any shooter, may take such men as Wat Dent, who, when a boy, threw, with his hand, an apple half way through a hog—and afterwards [url=http://www.ttifanyoutletonline.com/]tiffany outlet[/url] threw a stone over the highest part of the state house at Annapolis; and David, with the very same sling with which he knocked out the [url=http://www.ttifanyoutletonline.com/]Tiffany and co outlet[/url] brains of Goliah; and I will shoot a ball twice as far as it can be thrown from the hand, and certainly further than it can be thrown from the sling—yet "A Shooter" admits the fact that the hand and the sling will throw furthest;

    when, had he made the experiment, he would have seen that the pistol throws further; and his theory of projectiles, that quickness [url=http://www.coachsoutletonlinee.com/]Coach Outlet Online[/url] or velocity is strength, is correct, without distorting that theory to make it fit what are [url=http://www.moncleroutletop.com/]Moncler Outlet[/url] not facts.

    Percussion guns are getting into general use, to the rejection of the flint, which is of itself, a proof of their superiority—when properly constructed they are not so dangerous (all guns [url=http://www.monclers-outletsale.com/]Moncler Jackets[/url] are dangerous) as the cheap flint guns now imported. After a fair trial of both, I pronounce the percussion cap the greatest improvement made since the days of the match lock. They have been known here for many years, although not generally used till lately. One of the best shots I ever heard of was made with a percussion gun. About ten or twelve years ago an Eastern Shore vessel was frozen up in this river, and [url=http://www.monclers-outletsale.com/]Moncler Outlet[/url] her provisions being exhausted, the captain went on shore to "see how the land laid;" in other words, to make a reconnoisance of hen roosts.

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