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    [b:958554443d]SO:NI[/b:958554443d] Presents...

    [b:958554443d]HAGUE'S RE-LAUNCH / HALLOWEEN PARTY![/b:958554443d]

    [b:958554443d]FULL REJECTOR[/b:958554443d]
    [b:958554443d]RUNAWAY BEARS[/b:958554443d]
    [b:958554443d]HEFF[/b:958554443d] (acoustic)

    Hague's Bar, Lisburn (Chapel Hill)
    Thursday 25th October 2012
    Doors 8.30pm, Admission 4.50

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    Loads of drinks promos on the night.

    SO:NI in Lisburn on the last Thursday of each month - and this month is a special one, as our home in Lisburn for almost 5 years - Hague's Bar, has been given a massive makeover & refurbishment, and now has the fantastic surroundings to match the always great atmosphere.

    This relaunch gig should be a special night, with an eclectic mix of acts - from the gutsy, edgy & punky rock of Full Rejector, to the rootsy harmonies of Ruhk, to the mad electronic / rock crossover of Runaway Bears and the experimental solo stylings of Heff from Whanau.

    Plus a Halloween vibe in the mix - dress up if you fancy it - but make sure to come & check out the nee Hague's with us :-)
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