1. avatar Luigi
    M-Audio audiophile external sound card audio interface for 40.
    Call or drop me a text. 077 855 75516. Luigi
    In great condition. It's a great little USB audio/midi interface. Great for laptop musicians that want a better quality soundcard than the built in one.
    Also gives the addition of 1/4" inputs, RCA inputs and outputs - great for dj mixers. Midi in and out and spdif input and output.

    Simple USB connectivity for audio and MIDI
    2 pairs of analog line-level audio inputs (1/4 inch jacks unbalanced or RCA)
    2 analog line-level audio outputs (RCA) with level control knob
    S/PDIF in and out (coaxial)
    Support AC3 for surround sound setups
    MIDI in and out
    Headphone output (1/4") with level control knob
    High performance 24-bit/96k ADCs (109dB dynamic range)
    High performance 24-bit/96k DACs (107dB dynamic range)
    Low latency
    External power supply allows higher-fidelity AC-powered components